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Quality don`t have to be expensive. We work effective and time-oriented with the smalest effort what is possible. Thereby we can offer you such small charges. There are no churnings, kickbacks or other hidden charges at internetunited. Convince yourself.

Costs per month

Followingsite (z.B. www.blumen-berger.internetunited.de)

Own domain (z.B. www.blumen-berger.de) standard

Own domain (z.B. www.blumen-berger.de) exclusive



One-time costs

Consultancy (included costs of movement in the space of berlin) all-in

For other services, for example
- Photoservice at your location
- Scanning and editing your images
- Creating your website inklude lyrics, design and so on
we charge per hour


For any modificationrequests at your website (for example a different adress or emailadress) we count the costs with all-in of 14.- eur.

The final price for the making-of of your website depends of how many workinghours will be necessary. The more you give to us (lyrics, images, buttons and so on) the less you have to pay to. A more elaborate website is more expensive than a simple one.
Always consider it in all its bearings, that your website present you and your company - it is your website what many of your customers see at first from your company. It is worth of invest something for this lasting impression.

You can contact us now per Email or in writing.

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