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Out of the dark - into the internet with internetunited

At first we will workout together, what you really want, need and what is the right thing for you. By the second step, there will be taken photos, which were edited, modificated and retouched at internetunited. We can also create your own logo and lyrics for your website.
Then we build your individual website. In the following dialog you tell us your requests for modification and correction, that we will transform immediately for putting then your website online
Profit now from our network.
Your link or promotionbanner will be presented on other websites of our clients. Simultaneously we link from your website to our other clients and partners and set thereby your website in a more professional view. That means too, free of charge for your very efficient everlasting promotions on other websites.
Welcome at our network.

We offer you statistics about your website for a better knowing of what happen there. Thats what our further work based on.
For us the internet is primarily for information in an economic way of sense. That`s because we build our (and your) websites in a way to optimal find, load and read. We mostly renounce of contens like frames, flash, java and other things, which are in opposite of our main wanting - even if it would look very nice. We gladly use other ways to create a graceful website. We prefer straightfoward finding, loading, reading and navigating.

For a better finding of your website, we optimize it in agreement with searchmachines. We only share legal tools, for example backlinks and metatags. We never use tricks, like writing searchcontents with a white font on a white background. One important reason for doing it not this way is the risk of elimination of this tricky website from a searchmachine-index.

Often people give you a promise for bringing your webpresence very fast on a topten placement in one or more searchmachines. We explicitly don`t do this. A new webpresence need at least six month and more, til it is grabbed and well-placed by crawlers & co. And even then it is only for ten (!) sites possible to be well-placed in the top ten.

So let`s think down-to-earth. If you sell flowers for example, it is for you as a newcomer impossible to reach a top ten-placement, because you are only one of millions of florists. But if you trade with grindstones for windmills, you are the number one at google & co, because you are the only one, who trade with this.

To get a good ranking, you need a good website with much content and a little time. You can get faster a higher position, if you buy links or do PPC- oder PPL-promotions. The rule: the more you pay, the higher you are in the ranking. But there is one question: Do you really need this?
Is the ranking really the most important thing? We do not think so. Important is, that your customers find your website in the internet. Even then you make money with your company. This is our target.

We can reach this target only together. In our working relationship we need your input. If you enlarge your offer from flowers to balconyflowerboxes, you should tell us. Only this way your customers come to know that worldwide in the internet. We work together with you when it is necessary, but we never gonna steal your time away with commercial mails or a newsletter.

You want your own internetpresence? Just contact us for a conversation.

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