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It`s your own choice
You can have your internetpresence with your own domain (for example blumen-berger.de) or as a followingsite (for example internetunited.de/blumen-berger.htm).

The web-card
Our easy and low-price solution is the web-card. We build one site for representing your company. So your customers and everybody can find you in the internet, autonomic of extern listings. So the most important informations about your company are requestable.

>>example web-card
The standard-site
The superiorly presentation of your company is the standard-site. It contains not more than five sites, where your company is presented profoundly. Of course you can have an update to an exclusive-site at every time. With your own domain we configurate two emailadresses at your own choice for you.

>>example standard-site
The exclusive-site
For highest comfortable presenting there is the exclusive-site. It contains more than five sites, where your company is presented all-embracing. With your own domain we configurate five emailadresses at your own choice for you.

>>example exclusive-site
The most important brick for a good working relationship is an distinguished consultancy. No matter if you are well versed in elektronic media or not, we clear up every question around your internetpresence for an output that is in accordance with your requests. This is our both target.

You can give us your pictures for utilizing on your website, indifferent if it is digital, a photo, a negative or a diapositive. We scan and work up your material by your requests. Certainly it is possible that we take photos direct at your location. According to our consulting results we can edit your images. Any effects are available, like modifications, mutatations, improvements and retouching.

We create your website in an individual layout. The colors, samples, logos and lyrics were chosen by your requests. We can build sites in every style, whether it is businesslike or esoteric or what ever you want. By your requests we create buttons, background wallpapers, logos, advertising-banners and so on...

Servicing your internetpresence
We are your only one counterpart. We handle everything around your website for you, like the communication with providers, the denic, settings, emailconfiguration, KK-proposals and so on. For modificationrequests at your site just contact us.

As a client to internetunited you can profit from our network. We do public relations for your company on websites of our other clients - it is free for you. In case of this explicitly presentation of your company you reach people on complete new several ways without personal effort of yourself.
Simultaneously we link from your website to our other clients and partners and set thereby your website in a more professional view. Welcome at our network.

(Quite natural you can defeat advertising with erotic contens or even several clients. If you explicit don`t want to be involved in our quality network, everything is even possible too without networking. Advertising with erotic contents will only be presented on your website with your explicit allowance.) Potential capitations from advertising-partners remain at internetunited.

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